Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC)


Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC) is a leading blockchain and battery technology company with revolutionary, patented Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed to meet the exponentially growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Solution (ESS) markets.

The Company’s BMS technology was derived from Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms designed to analyze the shortcomings of batteries in today’s market. The resulting game changing technology allows for batteries to greater efficiency and longer battery life, while AI integrated solutions offer the world’s first real-time monitoring and remote maintenance.

EV Battery Tech is also committed to developing global battery recycling solutions by using their technology to analyze and fully refurbish used batteries. Real-time monitoring feeds back into their AI driven engines which results in continuous improvement, collaboration, and creative development in BMS solutions in the various markets including, but not limited to EV and ESS markets.

EV Battery Tech, is committed to implementing their blockchain supported, AI integrated, battery solutions to offer a full BMS battery solution featuring real-time monitoring and remote maintenance contained within a secure blockchain environment. The financial and transactional controls facilitated by blockchain technology ensure BMS, EV, ESS and “smart” charging applications have the most secure transactional abilities, targeted to meet Tokenized Carbon Credit (TCC) requirements. The recent amendments to smart grid integration are already factored into their product development and aspire to exceed vehicle to grid compatibility.

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As of October 27, 2020
Shares Issued 305,652,540
Warrants 36,350,000
Options 700,000
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Investment Highlights

Blockchain Infrastructure and Patented BMS Technology driven by Artificial Intelligence facilitates:

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Longer Battery Life
  • More Efficient Power Supply
  • Smart Charging Systems
  • Battery Recycling
  • Encrypted data security

Target Markets include:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Smart Charging Stations
  • Smart Grid Applications


Energy Storage Systems

EV Battery Tech offers an industry game changing “Real Time monitoring and Repair”, scalable, adaptable AI integrated ESS with full smart grid integration capabilities and “learn on the fly” optimization and flow.

The ESS system complements the intermittency of renewable and legacy energy generation systems with full blockchain based security. The AI integration stabilizes the output of energy through smart charging and discharging irregular and intermittent power, at times most beneficial to the owner of the system (peak shaving and power homogenization/stabilization). Most importantly, current green-energy production methods are curtailed due to time of production and load of grid. The ESS system solves this global problem through AI integrated smart energy storage and optimization. Truly the best option for reducing renewable power curtailment, relieving transmission congestion, and achieving full utilization of renewable energy sources

Smart Charging Systems

The Company offers an ESS combined smart grid enabled V2G integration module for EV charging combined with back end blockchain and financial transactional support.

V2G refers to how electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids communicate with the charging grid when they are plugged in and how they send data back to the operator of that specific charging grid. Setting an industry standard, the Company employs Peer to Peer (P2P) applications and AI integrated industry first BMS technology managing how charging networks partition workloads between different users, which requires data sharing and thus blockchain technology to help protect user data. The blockchain technology can also be used to help facilitate and secure the trading of TCC between companies and corporations.

This allows a multitude of participants in all aspects of the ESS, Grid, EV, and charging ecosystem to have a secure identity, communicate with a standard messaging format, and automatically record transactions such as charging, generation, and exchange on a common accessible secure system. This system is a requirement for the future of this industry as it will enable data transparency, trust, coordination, and automation among mobility service providers, consumers, utilities, and government stakeholders.

EV Battery Recycling

The Company offers a full Lithium Ion battery recycling and refurbishment program. This program offers a long-term solution to the current global issue with e-waste, and focusses on upcycling batteries, creating a second long-term, serviceable life for batteries that are currently being sent to landfills. Initially, waste batteries will be assessed through the Company’s proprietary battery rescue system, where batteries are analyzed, normalized, and repaired at the individual cell level, allowing for them to then be assembled into the banks and have the AI integrated BMS applied. The final product is delivered to the ESS market and provides a safe, environmentally superior product at a superior margin to systems containing new batteries.

Management Profiles

Bryson Goodwin CEO

A practiced international executive with extensive experience in finance, management, investor relations and operations with both private and public companies. Bryson’s experience has demonstrated an operational, market and banking track record in the technology, biotechnology and resource sectors. Over the years, Bryson has been engaged by a number of resource, energy, cleantech and technology firms in the departments of; finance, business development, PR & IR, marketing, and sales. This has required extensive travel and flexibility in my approach to business. Bryson sits on the board of a number of organizations and serves as an advisor to several private and public companies. Bryson is also the Managing Director of Synergy Market Advisors, a boutique firm in Vancouver, BC.